About Us

X Wear Designs unique creations began in June of 2012. As a  dance mom and creator of X Wear Designs, I worked 23 years for corporate America in the beauty and cosmetic industry. Although I enjoyed my work, I felt I was not using my creativity to its fullest potential and from unexpected circumstances came a blessing in disguise. I devoted this extra time to create something new and unique for my daughter. Utilizing the basic simplicity of swimwear and adding my own ingenious twist and flare, I created the perfect "dance top". My daughter's new "Xtop" became so popular among her friends that I decided to take this interest to the next level. I took 30 hours of sewing classes to brush up on my skills from high school days and sewed these Xtops day and night for my daughter's friends. After many hours of sweat and tears, trial and error, joy and elation, I have been fortunate enough to launch a much loved design that is being well received, worldwide. I am very excited and grateful for this new venture in my life and appreciate all the support thus far.

Special thanks to all the amazing dancers (you know who you are) who have supported and contributed to the beginning of Xtops and X Wear Designs! 

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